As we explained in our previous blog ( )  post, we can no longer depend on Load time, Fully Loaded Time & Speed Index to measure website performance.

The primary reasons why we can’t depend upon existing measurements are

  1. User does not care about whats going on behind the screen
  2. User also immediately does not show any interest in what’s happening to the elements on the screen which are not important to him.

So, we at developed a new measurement called PUIT ( Perfhack User Impression Time ) to test any website performance.

What exactly PUIT is?

PUIT is the time taken for the browser to display the website content so that user can start doing his primary activities like entering input, reading content etc.. while the rest of the web page loads and other unimportant activities going on in front of the screen and also behind the screen.

In simple terms, PUIT measures how fast user can start doing his basic important activities on the website.

What factors do we consider while measuring PUIT?

  1. Types of content on Above the Fold Area
  2. Different Page Rendering timings
  3. User primary activity for that website
  4. Previous data

Types of content on Above the Fold Area :

Above the Fold Area (ATF) is the portion of the website which is visible in the browser window without scrolling when the website loads first time.

Websites depending on its audience will display most important content in this area. For example, a news website will display latest important news,  a travel website may display the search box to input travel details, a photography website may display latest stunning pictures and so on…

These websites also display other information in the Above the Fold Area but the website user initially only cares about the information where he can do his basic primary activity.

That’s why ATF is very important to calculate PUIT.

Different Page Rendering Timings :

Page rendering is nothing but browser displaying website content based on the input it got from the web server.  Before it can display website content, it needs to download all the necessary files and do necessary calculations.

We can easily calculate when the page renders starts and ends but to measure PUIT we also need to calculate when the browser starts and ends rendering important information related to that website.

User primary activity for that website :

When the website loads initially, a news website user cares about latest news content, a travel website user cares about entering his travel-related data in the input form.

That’s why we need to consider user primary activity to calculate PUIT.

Previous Data :

Because PUIT depends on lots of data, we need to update our algorithm every day so that it calculates accurate time.  To do this we need to observe previous data and any mistakes in calculating timings continuously.

At Perfhack, we are trying our best and improving every day to measure PUIT to represent the actual time when the user starts his primary activity for that website.


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