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1.    Why website performance is important?

No one likes slow websites. Simple. As per the research website speed is one of the main factors for the customer loyalty to the website. Google openly declared that they will give good importance to the website speed in their rankings. If you want to make your users happy,get good reviews and more users then you need to make your website as fast as possible.

2.    Do i need to implement all the recommendations ?

No. It's not necessary to implement all the recommendations. But please make sure that you have solid reason for not implementing them.

3.    How many devices and locations you use ?

Right now we check your website speed in desktop, laptop, 6 types of tabs and 6 types of mobiles. We use lots of devices across different locations to provide this service.

4.    Why i need to check performance in different types of devices ?

As you know, your customers use different divices to browse your website and all the devices function differently. So instead of guessing how your website may function in a particular device, it is always better to test it directly on the device and solve any issues you may have.


1.    How your tests are done ?

For each request we open Chrome Web Browser across different devices , clear the cache and then do the tests. We will collect all the data from Chrome, analyze it in our server and then we generate reports.

2.    Do you depend upon any external softwares ?

We use lots of open source and in-house built stuff. Dont worry, all the stuff we use is under our control.

3.    Why its taking long time to get the results ?

We are testing your website in different devices across different locations. This will take time. We are trying our level best to complete the tests as soon as possible. But we also need to wait for the complete website load across all the devices, we can't help if the website takes long time to load.

4.    Are you guys providing API ?

We are working on it. You will hear back from us.


1.    How to use perfhack.com ?

Enter the website name. Choose the location,device and connection type. Click the Test button. That's it. We will test your website performance across all the device types you chose and generate the report.

2.    Which location i need to choose ?

Righ now we have two test locations. 1) North America 2) Asia . You need to choose a location where most of your users come from. By default it is "North America" .

3.    Which connection type i need to use ?

It depends upon how your users access your website. If most of your users come from Mobile devices then choose 4G LTE. Otherwise choose Wifi. By default it is "WIFI".

4.    Which device type i need to select ?

If you know where most of your users come from then chose that device type. Otherwise just choose All Devices. By default it is "All devices".

5.    Can i test any website or only mine ?

You can test any website you want as long as it is legal to browse that website.


1.    I am getting errors while testing. What to do ?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please reach us using our contact us page.

2.    I want an extra feature. How to Suggest ?

Great. We are always looking for good suggestions. Please reach us using our contact us page.